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Nawal is an award winning multimedia artist , Lifestyle and Creativity Consultant, Movement Specialist and Registered Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYT/ RYS200) with Yoga Alliance.


Nawal began teaching Yoga in her community 2010 and since has toured internationally teaching Yoga and Dance as an assistant to Suhaila Salimpour of Salimpour Institute in Berkeley, California. She has worked with a myriad of demographics from children to seniors, rock and rollers to private detectives and has earned the designation of "Experienced Yoga Teacher" (E-RYT) by teaching over 1000 hours.


In roles of movement teacher or Lifestyle & Creativity consultant she is known for her no-nonsense yet compassionate approach that has come from working with thousands of clients over the years. She strives to provide clients with practical accessible strategies so that they feel empowered and have the tools to apply transformation in their daily life.


She has toured the world as a performance artist with meditative mantra doom band Zaum, and taught dance, yoga and creativity & charisma workshops across Canada, USA, Europe and Egypt.


She is currently working through Mindvalley Life Coach certification as well as training as a professional Dance Movement Therapist.



Straight outta Cairo - what to know about Shaabi (2h)

Saturday September 14, 11am-1pm


Shaabi Lecture/ Discussion/ Workshop - what is the Shaab, Cultural respect, context.

What's hot in the streets of Cairo, from popmusic, the themes in pop music and present political influence that shift and sway the masses.


Shaabi, the word. It's not a static dance style, it’s not a repertoire of steps it’s the pulse of the

culture. By the time you learn a choreography or steps in the west it will have changed in the

streets, and you are already outdated. It’s of the people..... and as we know people are fluid,

evolving, growing and breathing.....


It’s the pulse of the culture..... There are many documents that say of the  ‘working class” people of Egypt but as I have tried to explain in some of my past videos about classism this is a gross simplification. The class system here (in Egypt) is much much more complex than simply...upper,middle, working and lower class) . Unless submersed in this you will never truly understand and that is ok. Just keep and open mind.

Enjoy Lecture, Discussion and Questions, and some hot combos to taste that modern Cairo flavor and distinctive gestures that help you vibe on the modern music of the shabeya


From Saeedi to Contemporary Bad girl Cane (2h)

Saturday September 14, 1.30pm-3.30pm


Upper Egypt Cane Dance : Saeedi- Posturing and assaya


Posture, form  and movement combinations from Fanoon shabeya stylefrom Luxor, Egypt.

Work on heavy / Masculine Saeedi musicality, with classic combinations and tableau.

Thatheeb or Cane Dance  can be traced as far back as pharaonic times when studied as a martial art and has been woven in to Egyptian Folklore culture and recognized by UNESCO dance as a “Heritage Dance” coming specifically from Upper Egypt


Contemporary Bad Girl Cane/Assaya Combos


Combos and character 

Super hot combos using Thatheeb, Saeedi, contemporary assaya . Application of character work with prop will be in our awareness to bring more depth to the projection of character in our movement.


Glamour Alchemy (2h)

Saturday September 14, 4pm-6pm


Cultivate your beauty, intention & Charisma; emanate glamour.

A workshop for cultivating , concentrating and emanating glamour, presence and power in life and performance art. 

Including grounding and centring ritual, Archetype and character embodiment, gestures, gaze, charisma and 

body language. 

We will discuss 


- What is charisma? And how to cultivate it

- How we can flex and alchemize our deepest pains in to beauty.


Workshop includes:

- Discussion 

- Practical excercises 

- Establishing a practice 

- Intention Setting 

- Sensual Movement

- Vocal Toning

- Protect and Fortify your aura from jealousy


Whirling Workshop - Egyptian Tannoura (3h)

Sunday September 15, 1pm-4pm


Whether you are interested in the physical benefits of whirling or the mysticism associated with it this workshop is for you! Often associated with spirituality and mysticism, We explore this practice from a science perspective  of how 'rotating' on our  axis affects  our bodies. 

 It has been documented that this practice, as many physical practices, can have an effect of an “altered state of consciousness. My intention with this workshop is to bring the experience to you And then can make the decision for ourselves based on the results we experience in our own bodies.….

It is believed and practiced in many cultures, from the famous poet Rumi and Whirling Dervishes, to Tibetan Monks to different Wiccan/Pagan sects that Whirling or turning can bring the body into harmonious balance with our swirling universe. We are able to find a moment of stillness in the chaos, a similar effect to meditation. It is studied that practitioners experience good balance, healing and a spiritual Oneness.

Workshop schedule:

Saturday Sept 14, 11am-1pm: Straight outta Cairo - what to know about Shaabi 

Saturday Sept 14, 1.30pm-3.30pm: From Saeedi to Contemporary Bad girl Cane 

Saturday Sept 14, 4pm-6pm: Glamour Alchemy

Sunday Sept 15, 1pm-4pm: Whirling Workshop - Egyptian Tannoura 

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