The Saturday night hafla

With performances an bazar

The hafla

Saturday night we will have a hafla with performances and bazaar in the dance studio. All styles of dancing are welcome. If you want to perform, use the registration form on the homepage to sign up (we have a limited number of spots). 


We will have a set with planned performances to your chosen songs and a set with improvised performances to surprise songs! If you want to perform in the surprise set, you get to choose genre: ATS® or Fusion belly dance. Groups can also choose to take part in the surprise set.   


Those which perform will all have a chance in the lottery for a gift card at Halo by Viveka Gren or Firebird fusion. 

The bazar

During the evening we will have a bazar, open for the public. No additional cost for sellers, and of course no entrence fee.

To sign up for selling, use the form on the homepage.

Northern Folk 

Online Show!


September 6 at 6.30 pm CEST

in collaboration with: 





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