Northern Folk Online

12-13 juni 2021

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Northern Folk Weekend is a festival created to bring the dance community together and support dancers in their development.

The essence of our heritage from FCBD®Style is that we are in this together and and should support each other. The love we share strengthens us as dancers and human beings and that's why community is so important to me.   

For the first run in 2018 I had the great privilege to welcome the amazing Kae Montgomery to Sweden to teach and perform!

We delved deep into FCBD®Style, upped our make-up and skirt tucking game. We also put on a fantastic show!   

In fall 2019 we got a rare opportunity to develop our musicality with the brilliant Mark and Ling, founders of HELM. We enhanced our zillplaying and learned how to play the drum. Naturally we also danced and enjoyed a live music hafla.  

The third and last run of the Northern Folk trilogy will take place in June 2021 and the theme will be locally produced. We are lucky to have a bunch of really talented and dedicated teachers in Sweden and I wanted to gather some of them, both for FCBD®Style and Fusion. 

Lots of love

Ellinor a.k.a. Entropy  

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Photo by: Rijad Buzimkic

Headdress & bra by: Firebirdfusion