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Sat. June 12, 10.30-12.00: ATS® / Fusion 1 

Sat. June 12, 13.00-14.30: ATS® / Fusion 2 

Sat. June 12, 14.45-16.15: ATS® / Fusion 3 

Sun. June 13, 10.00-11.30: ATS® / Fusion 4 

Sun. June 13, 12.30-14.00: ATS® / Fusion 5 

Sun. June 13, 14.15-15.45: ATS® / Fusion 6


250 SEK / workshop

Early bird price until April 30 

Scroll down for workshop descriptions.

Saturday night hafla: 

Saturday night we will have a hafla with performances and bazaar in the dance studio. All styles of dancing are welcome. We will have a set with planned performances to your chosen songs and a set with improvised performances to surprise songs (you choose genre: FCBD®Style,  Fusion belly dance or Dark Fusion)! Groups can also choose to take part in the surprise set.   

Workshop descriptions

~ ATS® with Skirt ~ Saturday 10.30-12.00 (WS 1 ATS®)
Use the beautiful ATS-skirt to make your performance more playful or dramatic! During the workshop we will be adding skirt work to  ATS®-steps like Arabic, Bump, Re Shamka, Egyptian Sevillana, Box Step, Arabic Double Turn och Shoulder Shimmy Combo.  You need to know those steps beforehand. Bring a long and wide ATS skirt (you should be able to hold your arms straight out to the sides and hold the hem of the skirt). 
~ Teacher: Helen ~

~ Sword dance ~ Saturday 10.30-12.00 (WS 1 Fusion)

During the workshop we learn the basics of dancing with sword and learn a short combination. You do not need experience of sword dance, but you need to have a foundation of Fusion belly dance (Tribal fusion) movement. Please bring a sword if you have one. If not, don't worry I have a few extra that you can borrow. ~ Teacher: Entropy~

~ Dueling duets ~ Saturday 13.00-14.30 (WS 2 ATS®)

Dueling duets is an advanced and dynamic ATS® formation where the quartet turns into two duets facing each other and "dueling". We will go over getting into and out of Dueling duets as well as how to interact and play within the formation, like the "call and answer" concept or exciting changes of leader. ~ Teacher: Adalmina~

~ Waving Fusion ~ Saturday 13.00-14.30 (WS 2 Fusion)

During this workshop we will be familiarizing ourselves with the concept of Waving that belongs to the dance family Popping. Like the name implies we will be working with how to create wave shapes with our bodies and how to create a boneless illusion with liquid movement. You will also learn a Tutting style combination where we are moving our hands in an invisible grid. ~ Teacher: Mana~

~ Exploring the Roots - Jamila Format ~ Saturday 14.45-16.15 (WS 3 ATS®)
During the workshop there will be a short presentation of Jamila Salimpour and her connection to ATS. We explore steps from various movement families in her format and learn a combination. To this we add finger cymbal patterns of various complexity to ensure a challenge for different levels. Bring your zills.  
~ Teacher: Maria ~

~ Drum solo choreography ~ Saturday 14.45-16.15 (WS 3 Fusion)

Upbeat Oriental Dance meets mystical Tribal Fusion in this drum solo choreography. We will be blending precise isolations with controlled shimmies and snaky movements to the enticing beat of the darbuka. You will learn a choreography usable for performing on a broad range of stages or to use as inspiration for a drum solo choreography of your own. ~ Teacher: Gita ~

~ Rush hour ~ Sunday 10.00-11.30 (WS 4 ATS®)
This is a fantastic further development of the Dueling duets concept invented by Marsha Poulin. In the Rush hour concept the duets are interacting within and with each other using different passings and fades. This creates an additional dimension to the dance. To take this workshop you should also take the Dueling duets workshop or be familiar with the concept beforehand. ~ Teacher: Adalmina ~

~ Floor work ~ Sunday 10.00-11.30 (WS 4 Fusion)

Floor work adds an extra dimension to your dance, so let's get down! We will be familiarizing ourselves with different techniques for moving across the floor as well as good looking ways to get down to and up from the floor. Bring knee pads and socks. ~ Teacher: Gita ~

~ ATS with tambourine ~ Sunday 12.30-14.00 (WS 5 ATS®)

The Tambourine is a prop that gives extra spice to your dance. This Movement Dialect in the UTBC version is developed by Berenike Ström and takes the instrument aspect as well as the shape of the Tambourine into account. This workshop teaches technique and aesthetic as well as how to dance in duets and groups. Bring a simple tambourine with a 10” diameter. ~ Teacher: Berenike ~

~ Taking the stage ~ Sunday 12.30-14.00 (WS 5 Fusion)
In this workshop we explore how we can express ourselves on stage to captivate the audience and make them feel. We will practice different combinations and improvisation that we will then use to explore our artistry and how to make our dance more interesting, for ourselves as well as our audience. ~ Teacher: Elnaz ~

~ Creative Duets ~ Sunday 14.15-15.45 (WS 6 ATS®)

Broaden your duet repertoire in ATS® and let the creativity flow! During the workshop we will be using steps, concepts and formations in ATS® and combine there in new creative ways. We will also be sharing some of our favorite personal tips and tricks for ATS® duets. 

 ~ Teachers: Anne & Derya ~ 

~ Tribal Balkan Fusion ~ Sunday 14.15-15.45 (WS 6 Fusion)

During this workshop we will explore and dance to rhythms with their roots in the Balkan areas. These rhythms have spread across the world and stand for joy, community, hope, courage and presence. With skirts in our hands we will swing through a fun, challenging and upbeat choreography in Balkan spirit. Bring a big skirt and join the party! ~ Teacher: Nasim ~

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