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The love for music was always there,

it's only the expression that changed.

She took an FCBD®Style class in 2007 and it was love from the first date! Tribal Empire brought FCBD®Style and Dark Fusion to Sweden and they are an important part of her dance heritage. As teachers during those first dance years they had a big influence on her.

Dance helped create a new more positive relationship with her body. Instead of focusing only on the surface, she learned to focus on what she can do, how she can move and how to tell a story.

With a constant need to evolve she have learned from more that 50 different teachers. Ariellah, Aziza, Carolena Nericcio, Kami Liddle, Mardi Love, Rachel Brice, Suhaila Salimpour and Sharon Kihara are a few of them. Every single one have inspired in their own way.  

She is a scattered and chaotic mind

that blossomed in creativity.

She has become Entropy.

Entropy - Alternativfesten2019 - Nikdesi

Alternativfesten 2019

Photo by: Nikdesign | Costume by: Sarah Burchill


Bal Anat Brussels_ JM Schneider.jpg

Bal Anat, Brussels 2018

Photo by: JM Schneider

Oriental & Jamila format

Jamila Salimpour (1926-2017) dedicated her life to oriental dance. She made a huge impact on future generations of dancers by naming steps, structuring them in families and sharing them with the world. She was also the founder of Bal Anat, at first a bellydance show at California renaissance fairs, today the worlds longest running dance troupe. In 2018 Bal Anat celebrated their 50 year anniversary with a tour in Europe and America.


TBU @ Kulturernas Karneval
Photo by: Elnaz


One of Jamilas students, Masha Archer taught in San Francisco and one of her students was Carolena Nericcio Bolman. In the 80s Carolena founded the dance company Fat chance belly dance and created the FCBD® format inspired by Oriental, Flamenco and Indian dance. The unique element that have helped the format spread across the world is the subtle ques that enables synchronized group improvisation. 


Tribal Eclipse 2016
Photo by: Paul Pour Photography

Fusion Bellydance 

This Fusion style has it's roots in FCBD®Style technique blended with popping and locking from street dance as well as Suhaila Salimpours isolation techniqes. Jill Parker, Rachel Brice and Mardi Love are a few of the pioneers that have heavily influenced the style and helped it spread throughout the world. The style is still under evolution and can look very diverse depending on the the artistic choices of the individual performing. 


Gothla 2014
Photo by: Dark soul photography

Dark Fusion 

Dark Fusion is the technique of Fusion belly dance blended with a dramatic imagery from the gothic subculture or other closely related. It's powerful and intense as usually very expressive, but contrary to popular belief it does not have to be "dressed in black". Ariellah and Tempest are two of the pioneers within the style.

"The Gothic belly dancer is part actress, part vamp, part rebel, part sorceress, and part priestess" / Tempest


Entropy & Seraphine @ Silwesteam 2017

Photo by: Tomas Karlsson


Burlesque started out as satirical and political entertainment in the 19th century. When the phenomena came to America it evolved to a variety show and often included an exotic dancer in elaborate costume. The striptease and sensuality was added on later but the phenomena had a backlash during the prohibition in the 1930s. In later years this artform have made a big upswing in popularity. 


Påfåglarna @ Red Carpet Show 2014

Photo by: Egle Zioma

Burlesque Fusion

Burlesque Fusion combine belly dance technique with the glamour and theatrical expression of Burlesque. Humour and storytelling are key elements but the act of undressing is not as central (there may not be any undressing all). Add some sparkles and you have entertainment for all ages and stages!  

entropy ON 

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