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Touch Operated

We touch our screens on a daily basis,

but how often do we touch each other? 

The purpose of this performance project experiment is to explore the interhuman connection in a post pandemic digital world where we are increasingly separated and moderated by screens. Self worth is based on productivity and self love is a radical act. 

What happens when we remove the screens and the usual protocol for social interaction, when we meet human to human?


In a modern post pandemic society, what happens to a brain ADDicted to touch?

I used to need to be cuddled to sleep and I still struggle to sleep alone. 

My brain is wired to thrive on interactions with other people and                                   

at the same time I anxiously overthink every interaction…

Moving is my safe space and I wish to invite you to share the experience.                 

Will you join the adventure and explore with me?

Touch me, whisper, choose a song, move with me or observe.

I have chosen my role and you get to choose yours. 




I am Entropy, a mover on an adventure, turning chaos into creativity. For as long as I remember I’ve struggled to function well in normal everyday life. Putting a lot of my self worth in my appearance, the changes that came with childbirth a c-section hit me really hard. It was not until I started dancing that I built a better relationship with my body. Dance connected my body and brain and shifted the focus from what my body looked like to what I could do with it. 

A decade later I learned that I have ADHD. This once again shifted my mindset and instead of relentless frustration about being wrong and stupid, I started to figure out that the problem is just not me. Maybe society needs to work for more types of people. So I want to explore how we can function better together.


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