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Being me (a.k.a. facepalm)

So I have this very, very special dress. 1. It's made from Assuit, an Egytian fabric with little metal pieces put in to create patterns. 2. It was expertly sewn together by highly skilled creator Sarah Burchill to fit me exactly. 3. I used it for the 50th anniversary tour of Bal Anat in Stockholm, London and Brussels.

I have been searching for it EVERYWHERE and I've been so upset that it's gone! "Ah.. I see you have a hand in your pot there" you say? Yes, you're absolutely right. I walked through the hallway and on an impulse I stuck my hand down into the pot. Putting the dress there was a kind of logical choice as I made it for the Pot Dance in Bal Anat (yes, water pots, what did you think it was?). But if you have a seriously dysfunctional memory logic doesn't always help.

Bal Anat in Brussels. Photo by J-M Schneider.

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